Top Tips For Decorating Your Home This Xmas



The Parkheath team has just agreed sales on 7 homes in 7 days, proving that the festive season is not deterring serious buyers.

Here are Parkheath’s top tips for decorating your home this Christmas, without turning off those buyers:


1. USE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS TO BRING LIFE TO OUTSIDE SPACE Christmas can be a great excuse to use lights to pick out some lovely garden plants and showcase your winter garden, balcony or terrace. London Garden designer Lucy Willcox, says: “In winter, bare trees and architectural plants can look amazing when lit. Up lighters can be really effective when placed beneath feature trees and shrubs or even pots with flowering winter plants on a balcony. Outdoor fairy lights, strung through an ornamental tree or around a balcony or terrace can also make winter outdoor space, magical.”

 DO: Keep the lighting neutral with white or warm white lights.

 DON’T: Over do it. Just highlight the very best of your winter garden or use simple fairy lights on balconies. And keep the light up Santa/ Reindeers / Snowmen, in the cellar!


2. CREATE A WARM WELCOME  Don’t overdo the lights on the front of your home but if you have window boxes fill them with seasonal flowers such as cyclamen and ivy and weave small strings of outdoor fairy lights throughout the boxes for a simple Xmas touch.


3. COMPLEMENT YOUR COLOUR SCHEME Before you start untangling the tinsel, make sure your decorations complement your colour scheme. London interior design team, Annie Roberts say: “A cool colour palette of blues and greys will be complemented by white and silver decorations, whereas an earthy warm colour schemes will look good with golds and greens and cranberry reds.”

 Do: Be selective. Less is more and if it clashes, leave it in the box for next year when your can enjoy it in your new home.


4. DECLUTTER If you are having a tree, remove a chair or piece of furniture that is usually in the room and move it to another room or even better, lend it to a friend. This will ensure the Xmas tree does not overpower the room or make it too cluttered for buyers to view.


5. ACCENTUATE THE POSITIVE Too many trimmings may distract buyers, but the right accessories can draw attention to your home’s best features. Dangle mistletoe in an arched doorway or drape a garland over a fireplace mantle. But don’t block a beautiful view with stick-on snowflake window decals or clutter an elegant fireplace with personalized Christmas stockings and Xmas ornaments.


6. GO LIGHT ON LIGHTS Step away from the singing snowman, remove the light up reindeer and sack Santa on a sleigh, Christmas light displays are not everyone’s cup of tea so save them for next year and keep lights to a minimum with simple string lights to draw attention to your favourite fir tree or doorstep planters.


7. MIND THE TREE Make sure your Christmas tree is the right size for the room. A tall Christmas tree can help you show off the high ceilings but make sure the base does not overwhelm the room.


8. DITCH THE CARDS There’s no tidy way to display Christmas cards. Place all your cards in a draw to avoid making a room look messy and distracting to buyers.


9. LESS IS MORE Leave the homemade decorations in the cupboard! Kitsch decorations, the angel the kids made you at school, those fabulous festive ornaments all need to stay in the cupboard. Limit yourself to a few Xmas pieces and save the rest for when you move in to your new home.


 10. A CHRISTMAS WREATH IS ALL YOU NEED A beautiful Christmas wreath can be a worthwhile investment. Not only does it create a beautiful first impression but it can also transform an ordinary front door into an inviting entrance. Don’t scrimp on the cost and this festive garland could really work for you.

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